King Power Tournament

On Saturday the 10th of June 2023 the Shepshed Dynamo U9 Cobras took part in the Leicester City FC tournament at the King Power Stadium. The King Power Stadium has a capacity of over 32,000 and is completely enclosed, with all corners being filled with seating. This gives the stadium a fantastic atmosphere and looks hugely impressive. The tournament was a mixed ability competition which saw football teams from all overtake part in the event.


Shepshed Dynamo Cobras represented the club and put on a great spectacle for the families. As part of the event, the players got to walk out of the King Power tunnel to the Leicester matchday anthem playing on the stadium speakers and hearing their team’s name being called. To remember the day the official tournament programs listed all the team fixtures and the full event schedule. Each team, player and manager was also listed within the programme.

In between the matches, the players also got the chance to take a tour of the home changing rooms. The tournament ended with a medal ceremony. The medals were presented on stage with a team photo capturing the moment.

This was an awesome experience for the players and managers. We would highly recommend it for any teams looking to finish their season with a tournament the players will not forget.

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